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The Late Bloomers have blossomed!

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Thank you for giving us a voice over the past few years. We look forward to sharing our new journies with you in the new year.

Mel & Christie



Aloha from Hawaii!

I’ve just returned from a jaunt to the beachy goodness that is Waikiki and Honolulu. We saw Pearl Harbour, the zoo, Diamond Head, swam with turtles on the North Shore, shopped liked nobody’s business…but the real highlight? Let’s be honest, it was crazy American food!

I love a country who doesn’t judge you for eating two dinners or for having dessert after you had a huge meal. I love that drinks are refillable. I like that you get two for one when you order a milkshake. It is bliss!

My absolute favourite thing though was at Red Lobster, where we sat down to a “personal sized” lobster pizza (really a normal sized pizza anywhere other than the US) and a huge fish and chip dinner. The waitress also brought out a basket of biscuits. which were delish. We may have had two (or three) helpings. After scoffing all that, I had to laugh when she asked us if we wanted biscuits to go as we were shuffling our way out of the doors, regretting having carb loaded on bread!

America, I love you!


Bet you thought we were packed up and gone!

We’re still here and still being awesome.

Just so you know.


I don’t understand the original Mad Max, but I do understand Mel Gibson in leather pants circa 1979.

Saying that, I did venture to see Mad Max Fury Road over the weekend, and while I’m still totally confused, I liked it! It’s going to be one of the better films we have seen this year.

But, I was a little distracted during the whole thing because of the number of children who were in the cinema. The film has an MA15+ rating, and while there is no swearing or sex, it is full of violence and some pretty intense scenes which were confronting to say the least.

Behind us were a family clearly enjoying the long weekend, from grandparents to kids of about 5 or 6 years old. I mused that perhaps they were in the wrong cinema, or that perhaps we had stumbled into Tomorrowland by mistake. But no, it seemed that the extended family had chosen to come along to Fury Road.

The little person behind us was probably not old enough to understand what was going on, and they were severely disappointed when they realised they weren’t there to watch Jurassic World. I couldn’t help but be concerned that the time has come when young kids are so de-sensitised to violence that it’s acceptable to take your babies to see films which raise more than a few eyebrows.

Look, whatever. Make your own choices. But just so you know, some of the mystery of Mad Max is lost when a little voice pipes up behind you asking why don’t they just stay in the desert…


So, last month I didn’t wish someone Happy Birthday.

It was the first time since I have known them that I haven’t seen them in real life or sent some sort of greeting.

And ever since I have been thinking about my thinking behind my decision.

Is that weird? Should it be that big a deal?

No, of course it shouldn’t, yet here I am still stewing over it, while my rational brain is telling me that the birthday person is question probably didn’t even notice!

But, therein lies my dilemma:
What is Happy Birthday etiquette?

Is it like gift giving, and it’s all about the thought being the thing that counts? You wish salutations for a good day of being born and you don’t expect a similar greeting in return?

How many times do you wish someone a Happy Birthday without them saying it back before you stop? Do you ever stop? Are you the better person because despite not having the favour returned, you have remembered that one day a year is all about that person? What about belated birthday greetings? Is a day or two okay? A week? Or, if you missed the day, do you just ignore it and move on?

And how does this all change in a time of Facebook posts? How real is a Facey birthday greeting?

What do you think is appropriate birthday etiquette?






I totally judged this book by its cover, and I was not disappointed. The whole premise is a funnier and more irreverent Tomorrow When the War Began – Eden Valley is overrun with doomsday hipsters, complete with their penny-farthing bicycles and their 90s rave music. Alba, one of the coolest YA heroines I’ve read in recent years, has just finished year 12 and is trying to survive not only the end of the world, but the end of the world as she and her school mates know it. It helps that Alba is super cute in her rockabilly awesomeness, and that she has a cool mother who runs a bakery, as well as a hottie boy next door in best friend Grady. As the book progresses, we learn more about Alba’s love of comics, her talent for drawing and her group of quirky, kooky friends (Ed and Caroline are my personal faves).Throw in a flash back to a past life in the form of ab-tastic Daniel, who stirs up old feelings, and you have fun, flashy apocalypse novel for young people, which is something different and charming. I loved the intelligence of this novel, and its pop culture references. It doesn’t dumb itself down, and I am glad that cool, witty and smart stories exist for cool, witty and smart YA readers. (And for grown up readers like me too!)

I really enjoyed this, and wish that Cinnamon Girl’s adventures didn’t have to end!


There’s so much that I want to rant about today: the upcoming Budget, the child care rebate scheme, how angry watching Q&A makes me, NAPLAN and the education system in general, lack of jobs, that ridiculous girl who tried to snog Prince Harry, the NBN boys digging up my front yard and the fact that our social media focussed society has made me feel bad because I didn’t celebrate Mother’s Day or Anzac Day by posting about it.
But, instead of ranting, here is a picture of a dinosaur which is now living in the Queensland Museum. He roars and everything.20150509_145154