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That was the opening line to one of those giant books we read at primary school. In fact, I think it was the title of the book. I reckon we read it in grade three or five…it doesn’t matter! What does matter, is that Horrie and I can still recite the beginning of the book : “Bernard was a bikie, he lived in Beagle Bay. And every time he rode his bike the noise would last all day!” And, do you know, lately these lines have been playing on my mind, mostly because boys with motorbikes have been EVERYWHERE. Talk about the universe sending signs, it seems that no matter where we look at the moment, there is a beardy man with a beast of a bike waiting in the wings, lingering in his own essence of man, ready to pounce. Damn them all! Seriously though, there is nothing better than a boy with a bike – or a beard – or both. And the reasons why have oft been discussed, and it all seems to come back to the fact that every girl likes a bad boy. Don’t pretend you don’t agree! Even the best of us eventually fall to the charms of that bloke who is totally wrong for us, who will bring nothing but trouble, who will leave nothing but broken hearts as he rides of into the distance – leather clad, dangerously charming and, more often than not, sporting a tattoo. ( Swoon.)

I think that the motorbike comes part and parcel with the bad boy mythology – but it may only appear as a metaphorical bike. Say what, crazy lady?! I hear you exclaim. But bear with me, and we’ll see if I can convince you. I think that the bike can represent many things – from the existence of a new girlfriend/ex-girlfriend to a bad reputation/bad hair. It can mean that he’s too old for you, too young for you; too gay, too straight; too rich, too poor; too smart or too silly…whatever it is about them that means you can’t – nay, shouldn’t – have them can be an allegory for that bike.

Ah, the legend of the bad boy….who would have thought that all those years ago, ol’ Bernard would have kicked off a lifelong fascination? I do believe you will be hearing more on this in future posts…you have been warned!

( Sue, this one is for you! )


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Now into our thirties we are embracing our awesomeness and sharing it with the world. The blog will reflect our trials and tribulations of this being a grown up business as well as all we find awesome, ridiculous and trivial but utterly hilarious.

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  1. Of course! Bad boys rule – at least in our romantic little hearts. As you pointed out, the practicalities of “real” life mean that we seldom follow through, instead, yearning and dreaming of riding off into the sunset behind a pair of broad, leather-clad shoulders and a neat, tight behind.

    And of course there is the Eric/Bill debate – not really a debate when you think about it – that has us all longing to be in the shower with the Viking. He would definitely suit the model of motorbike I visualise.

    Quite some years back, I skirted around the idea of taking up with a bad boy (no tatts, but definitely should have come with a warning!). He lurks there still, at the edge of my fantasies.

    Hope we can discuss bad boys more! :}


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